Everything You Should Know About Liveaboard Diving

You have finally decided to make a vacation to cruising indonesia and you are just one step from diving spots. Or you are already addicted and have booked your next liveaboard adventure. These are some tips to consider before you embark on your liveaboard.


Many liveaboards are far from home, and in multiple time zones. Start at least one day early so that your body can acclimatize to the extreme time difference and let off some jet lag, and try to do the same after returning home. Divers often land, board the ship and go through the initial days in a haze asleep or unresponsive to briefings, or missing vital details about the boat or dive practices. If you must fly late, arriving one day earlier than planned can help you avoid stressing about not getting the vessel.

Be Light

What you'll need when you liveaboard dive such as flip-flops and quick drying shorts or skirts, loose T-shirts maybe a sarong or couple of sundresses, two swimsuits or trunks as well as a fleece or hoodie to keep water from soaking into your body. There's nothing else you need. There's no need for the makeup, the elegant pants and dresses or even a few pair of footwear. We promise you won't use them. You can use your luggage allowance to store your dive gear if you have it.

Test Your Equipment Before You Start

How often have you heard or overheard someone say "I just got this thing repaired!" While it's a great idea to have your gear cleaned prior to departing on a lengthy dive trip but it's a much more beneficial idea to have it done prior to time so you can test the newly serviced gear before you go and make sure that it's in functioning order.

Please send any special requests as soon as possible.

Do you want to eat vegetarian food on the vessel? Maybe you suffer from a food allergy, or want a smaller tank. When you make your booking be sure to let the company know of any special requests. This isn't the time you board the vessel. If you are given enough time the majority of liveaboards are willing to accommodate requests from guests.

You Can Leave Your Marine Life Expectations for Home

Before your trip, for months you pore over captain's reports and read tales about whale sharks, whales sea monsters and mermaids and at the conclusion of your excursion you're disappointed because you didn't spot anything you expected, do you? If something was seen in the last week of a charter but it doesn't mean that it is going to happen during your trip. Wild animals can be unpredictable and must be handled accordingly. While there is no guarantee of seeing them, your group will do their best to maximize your chances. Enjoy the moment and be thankful for what you have seen.

Tip Money

Your culture's customs and area are not a reason to not to tip. Tips are crucial for liveaboard crews to survive. The crew members will work countless hours to ensure that you don't just get the trip of a lifetime however, they also ensure that you remain safe throughout the journey. They will leave in the event that they do not receive a reward for their efforts. The base pay rate for diving isn't high. You must set aside 20% of the expenses of your trip in cash. Keep it in an envelope. Note: companies often don't pay credit card tips to their staff.

Do not be shy to talk to the crew.

The crew members of the charter are likely to want to communicate with you even if they don't speak your language. So chat with them and try to get to know them as well as possible. Do not be afraid to inform your crew when there's any issue. They can't help you if they don’t know. Concerns and questions about diving, to help with your equipment or want to have a laugh, even the most quiet of crew members are willing to engage in conversation.

Trip Insurance

It is crucial to have it. The reason for cancellations of your trip can be by weather, sickness, or loss of dive equipment. Although any of these scenarios can be a disaster, they don't have to be as significant as a problem if you have insurance coverage for your trip. Infections can cause havoc on a charter for all passengers Don't be that person. There is a chance of injury if you dive even though you're sick. Sit it out and try next time after you've confirmed that you're at 100 percent.

Relax and enjoy yourself when planning your Banda sea diving hammerhead holiday. Don't stress about the small things. Is your camera malfunctioning? It is possible to take your camera off and dive without having the viewfinder. Are you annoyed by your dive buddy? You can switch it up and use a guide for meeting new people. liveaboard diving dive trips can be expensive, difficult and unpredictable. Don't let this happen to you. You signed up for an adventure; you might like it. 

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